Quality Helthcare Starts With
Nurses On The Move

We will always strive to provide you with the best medical care – in the comfort of your own home.

Nurses on the move provides provides complete medical care, specifically tailored to your individual needs – right in the comfort of your own home. The services we are able to offer you are both comprehensive and industry-leading

We have assembled a truly caring and passionate team who have dedicated their lives to ensuring those who are in need receive the help they deserve. Our care workers and highly qualified nursing sisters, ensure their skill sets and techniques are regularly adapted and enhanced to ensure you only receive the best, most advanced nursing care available. But our services don’t stop there, we’ll even help you with housekeeping, cooking, shopping and dealing with your medical aid.

All our services have been designed to ensure you or the ones you love most in life only receive the best possible in-home healthcare – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our Professional Nursing Services


We saw the pain points of our silver generation in navigating siloed service providers in communities offering either clinic based medical services and nursing groups offering homecare services. There was lack of care co-ordination and the families would find it easier to get the necessary care in hospitals instead.

The covid pandemic has shown the importance of managing chronic conditions and to keep elderly at home, rather than in nursing homes or hospitals.

Our team has worked on combined clinic based services, with homecare nursing and carer support. This vertical integration will ensure continuity of care, and adequate supply of medication for chronic diseases and direct to home and consumer personalised care.

We have partnered an accredited carer training program to help carers in our community to have professional certification and have the confidence in managing the various scenarios in providing care to their loved ones. Our nurses are trained to support the carers with the clinical triage and training needed on various home based medical procedures including wound dressing changes, tube changes and medication management.

Nurses on the move is committed to excellence in providing value based and outcome driven primary care which includes both clinic based and homecare. Do reach out to us for optimal care options for your loved ones.

Our High Qualified & Professional Nurses & Carers

Our team of registered nurses (RNs)—also known as sisters or professional nurses – are involved in virtual and in-home care nurse assessments, creating care plans, and on-boarding caregivers. They’re also available for follow-up visits.

Home Care Nurse Assessments

Get a care assessment by an experienced registered nurse (RN), so your or your loved one’s care starts off right. A home care nurse assessment is an essential part of understanding your or your loved one’s health and care needs.

In-Home Care Nurse Assessments

An initial in-home care assessment—conducted by one of our registered nurses—helps us to put together a care plan by better understanding your requirements. It also does wonders for orientating the caregiver and client.

Follow-Up Visits

Our RNs are also available for follow-up visits, where they’re able to assist with:

  • Wound care
  • Catheter care
  • Assessing basic vital signs
  • Administering medication
  • Nasogastric tube insertion and feeding
  • Oxygen therapy

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We serve patients and families, infants and the old aged within the whole of South Africa and providing quality and exceptional care in the comfort and security of your homes.